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The Future of Drying

The Future
of Drying

Harvest to Market 50% Faster

The cultivation business has been evolving rapidly for years with technology at the forefront. The technological revolution is now coming to the process of drying Cannabis. GentleDry’s™ low-pressure, room temperature, mobile drying technology gently dries your high-quality product in a fraction of the time.  

GentleDry Technologies Superior Product

1. You Harvest & Cut

Mobile cannabis drying

2. We Dry On-Site

Dry Cannabis Faster

3. You Move to Market 7-14 Days Faster

GentleDry™ Technologies Benefits

GentleDry Technologies Superior Product

Improved Potency

Gentle drying process retains more THC, CBD, terpenes & color.

Mobile cannabis drying

We Come to You

Our mobile drying unit comes directly to you during harvest and stays until all product is completely dried.

Dry Cannabis Faster

Reduced Drying Time

As soon as your staff cuts and removes the stalks and broad leaves product can be dried.

Boost Profits

Increased Profits

Resolve labor issues and increase yearly throughput.

The greenest dried cannabis from GentleDry Technologies

Get 8 lbs of DRY flower in less than 2.5 hours.

20% more cannabinoids and 25% more terpene.

The fastest cannabis drying method from GentleDry Technologies

NO product loss to mold or bacteria


Reduction of Mold & Bacteria

Trichomes fully intact by using GentleDry™ Technologies

Green = Great

In the traditional drying process exposure to oxygen during drying results in oxidation turning the plants brown.

GentleDry’s patented technology reduces oxidation almost immediately resulting in beautiful flowers.

Your final fully dried product is green, vibrant and has:

Trichomes fully intact

Retains more THC, CBD, Terpenes & Color

Stronger Aromas

99.9% reduction of bacteria, mold & other contaminants

Cannabis Drying at Scale

GentleDry’s patented technology uses a low-temperature process to quickly and uniformly dry flower to precise moisture specifications while retaining 20% more cannabinoids and 25% more terpenes than traditional rack drying.

Whether you are drying to produce medical or recreational extract or flower, we customize our on-site mobile drying to meet your product needs.

Our technology has been carefully developed through years of testing, research and development in the Canadian market and now in the US market.

Cannabis Drying Equipment

Company and Process Overview

GentleDry Technologies onsite cannabis drying

Drying process/profile customized to your strain (over 30 strains processed).

GentleDry™ Technologies

GentleDry’s™ patented drying method utilizes low-pressure, room temperature, mobile drying technology to gently dry cannabis and preserve in a fraction of the time.

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